How to Protect your Car’s Paint in The Winter Season

As you can’t imagine yourself facing the extreme winter season without coat, gloves and other types of cold-weather gears. Similarly your car too needs to be taken care of during the winters as this season is consider as the most damaging season for cars, during this time your car’s paint, glass, tires, plastics and other surface can be damaged by wind, rain, sleet, snow, sand, salt and road oil. Car-Paint needs additional protection, so you need special care for it.

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Below are some of the tips, which can be handy in protecting your car paint during the winter season:

  1. Apply Wax on Car Paint:


Most common method to protect car’s paint in winters is to apply a wax coat on it. Wax creates a layer of protection between the paint and the outside hazards, which makes car’s exteriors long-lasting.

  1. Avoid Rough Brush:

Use soft snow brush or any foam brush to clear snow from your car. Avoid using any hard cleaning brush as they can make scratches on the painted surface.

  1. Seal the Car Paint:

If your car is exposed to the extreme winter conditions, then you should use paint sealant (synthetic wax) as protective coating. It protects car paint against water snow, and road salt.

  1. Use Car-Cover:


Easiest way to avoid car paint problems is to park your car in a garage or any covered area. You can use a car-cover to prevent ice and snow from direct contact with the car-paint.

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