Auto Paint Refinishing in Henderson & Las Vegas, NV

High-Quality Auto Paint Refinishing in Henderson & Las Vegas, NV

You may be wondering what auto body refinishing could offer you. Well, it’s simply the procedure of restoring your car’s surface so that it would be prepared for a new paint job application. There are common issues, which drive vehicle owners into the shop for auto body refinishing and these include body damage and rust. Every step in the auto paint refinishing process is simple, yet important. Our step includes the following:

  • Rust will be cleaned and any dings or dens will be smoothed out.
  • The whole section that will be painted will be cleaned and sanded thoroughly.
  • Color topcoat will be applied after the damaged area was repaired.
  • After that, clear coat will be applied to make sure that the texture and gloss of the refinished area will match the original finish.

Majority of car owners don’t want this kind of project because of the reason that this may require basic knowledge and experience. So, if you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your car, let us help you restore your car’s perfection.

Restoring Your Vehicle’s Surface to Like-New Status