Auto Body Repair Las Vegas

The place where you go to fix an automobile by professional technicians or auto mechanics is called an auto body repair shop. These shops are known as a ‘garage’ commonly and Las Vegas is one of the main cities with the best garages. There are many types of auto body repair shops in Las Vegas. These shops in combination or alone will be able to cater to all the needs that you as a customer have.

The first category is the auto parts store. Even though this is called a motor parts shop the maintenance and services operations will be provided by this shop. Auto parts store are most common in the USA. The next category is the workshops that are independently owned. These shops are wither regionally or nationally owned. The shops mostly go hand in hand with car dealerships. Then there are the special automobile shops which will mainly deal with the special parts for your automobile. These parts include the transmission, mufflers, brakes and exhaust system. The final category that is available in the modern day is the online auto body repair shops. These type will come to your doorstep and fix your automobile for you. This type of shop mostly is used by those of you who own classic cars and exotic cars who will have special needs.

There are many auto body repair shops in Las Vegas. Any of these auto body repair shops in Las Vegas will get your car fixed up in no time. These shops will fix the car when there are sudden accidents. After the work is done it will be as if there was no accident since craftsmanship will be to notch at any auto body repair Las Vegas. They treat the cars as if they were their own so your car is in good hands. There is some other small issue that come in a car in day to day running like engine tune-ups, wheel alignments, brake adjustments or any other small issue like that can be also fixed for these auto body repair shops in Las Vegas.

There have been many reviews regarding the services of the auto body shops that are in Las Vegas and many of them were very positive comments. Many have stated that they were satisfied with the service they have been provided and the time that they have taken to do the repairs or services were worth for the money. The commenters have said that the expertise with the cars were fantastic and any car can be repaired by the mechanics at the auto repair shops in Las Vegas. The spare parts that have been used for the repairs were the original ones and no duplicate or low quality materials were used in the Las Vegas. The price that have been charged for the maintenance, services or repairs at the shops in Las Vegas were quite affordable for many where some commenters have said that they drove down to Nevada in order to get them done.

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At VIP Collision, we have a wide variety of auto body repair and collision services offered around the clock, which are guaranteed to deliver the highest level of satisfaction and convenience to all of our clients. Some of these are:

Collision & Body Repair

We are a premier body shop located in the heart of Las Vegas. We use the highest level technology and machinery available to provide the best service possible.

Key Points

✔ Frame Straightening
✔ Dent removal
✔ Auto body paint
✔ Auto glass repair and replacement
✔ Mechanical repairs
✔ Collision repairs

Painting and Re-Finishing

We offer a brand new, state of the art paint booth with heaters for the best quality painting and re-finishing. Fast turnaround and your satisfaction is our top priority with all our clients.

Key Points

✔ Complete car refinishing
✔ Computerized color matching
✔ Spot repairs
✔ Blackout Customization
✔ Wheel repair and paint

Foreign and Domestic Vehicles

We’re experienced in high end cars from anywhere in the world. We have handled over a dozen luxury, one-of-a-kind automobiles. From custom body work to custom paint jobs, our customers been trusting us for years, and we have always delivered excellent results.

Key Points

✔ Pick-up & Delivery
✔ Free Tow to Repair Facility
✔ Client Claim Assistance
✔ Direction to Pay
✔ Highest Customer Service Rating

Welcome to VIP Collision – Auto Body Repair Shop in Las Vegas

VIP Collision – Your Home of Exceptional Auto Body Repair Solutions at Las Vegas

Car collisions or accidents may happen anytime, which may cause a minor or serious damage on your vehicle. If this happens, you will need an expert who can handle all your auto body repair needs and will get your car’s beauty back in no time. At VIP Collision, no matter what brand of your car is, whether the problem is huge or small, we can help you repair your car and hit the road at the soonest date! The only thing that you should do is to contact us for us to determine the best solutions or services perfect for your needs!

But, why choose us?

Ever since we first opened our shop to serve you, we have guided this business with one yet major principle in mind and that is freedom to choose where you could spend your money. Your insurance company should not influence your decision. You should be the one who is deciding where you want to deal with. Take note, it’s your car and you must take good care of it in any way you want.

At VIP Collision, we consider our clients as VIP. That’s why we make sure that we only deliver nothing but results. Our main focus is to protect your safety, rights, and investment. Once you have considered us, you can be assured that you will not experience any conflicts with your insurance company as our programs are all made to give you satisfaction and convenience. Aside from that, you will also get the best and transparent dealings whatever your needs are. That is why we are always highly recommended.

Years of Experience

With over three decades of experience and a staff with an extremely polished set of skills, it is our number one priority to get your car running the way you want it to. We offer auto paint refinishing at unbeatable prices. We are well known around the Henderson, NV, area and our work speaks for itself! With thousands of satisfied clients who are often repeat customers, it is our promise to deliver nothing but the best.

Collision Repair in Las Vegas, NV

We use the latest technology to provide you with accurate estimates of what your car really needs. The money you will spend will definitely give your car what it needs to keep it running great. Whether it is auto collision repair or rim repairs, we do it all! We also specialize in headlight restoration and windshield replacement. We will work on any car, regardless of the brand or size. When you come to VIP Collision, we make sure you leave satisfied.

Get Reliable Auto Body Repair

Do you need a reliable auto body shop? A shop that offers genuine auto body repairs and does not over charge you at all? Then you have come to the right place! VIP Collision LV is the best solution in the Las Vegas, NV area when it comes to auto body repair. Whether you are looking for collision repair, auto body paint, auto glass repair or if you want a custom auto body solution, we have you covered!

World Class Quality and Certified Customer Focused Solutions

If you think that our way of operating a shop for auto body repair services sounds refreshing, yet not too common in today’s market, take note that we have been considered as leaders in the industry of collision repair for several years. We have established our shop through the word of mouth from our numerous satisfied customers without the help from referrals of several insurance companies. We believe that there’s still something to be said for genuine customer service, honest, and hard work.

At VIP Collision, we’re fierce consumer advocates with tons of experience in negotiating car repair claims, which protect as well as educate consumers. We handle all kinds of cars and all of our technicians are approved by various car manufacturers and trained. We also handle repairs for auto body paint or restoration of car. Whether you want to fix your car after an accident or you like to spruce some things up, we are always here to help you. What you only have to do is to bring your car to shop and we will do the rest!

We Provide Outstanding Customer Service!

We know how important customer service is. Though it is often overlooked by most auto body repair shops, VIP Collision ensure that we provide the highest possible level of satisfaction as it what matters most for us. To do this, we have a team of friendly staffs who are providing an outstanding customer service as well as skilled technicians that are only delivery top notch quality results.

If you are searching for the best auto body repair shop at Las Vegas, VIP Collision is your perfect choice. We provide services throughout the area of South Nevada including Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas,


See what people are saying

They were extremely helpful in the insurance process and pretty much handled all the details of the repair. I was happy with how fast everything was. I had my car back in 3 days. Another shop had estimated 6-7 days. Highly recommended!

James T.


Working in an auto appraisal company I’ve had the pleasure of working with VIP Collision, with their professional customer service and efficient quality work I am confident to refer family friends and clients to this business. I always hear great feedback about Steve and his staff. I will continue to doing business with them. Thank you guys!



My car is the one thing that I use all the time. That being said it gets scratches and dents from all the rocks an pebbles that this desert has so my front bumper would get paint chips off. I had went to VIP collision which was recommended by a coworker and I couldn’t be any happier they did an amazing job fixing my front bumper that you would think I just got the car from the dealership!! So happy that my car is back to new. Defiantly recommend this place to everyone, Steve was so nice and made everything so easy! Thanks guys!!



My car was damaged in a parking lot and it looked terrible. I brought it to VIP Collision and met with Steve the owner. He was very professional, gave me a free estimate and a guaranteed date the repairs would be finished by. They finished by the date they promised and I am very happy with the results.



I was referred to VIP COLLISION by a close friend who talked very highly of the place. One day i backed up into a friends car and completely damaged my bumper. I called VIP COLLISION and scheduled a date and time to take my car to get fixed. I highly recommend you talk to Steve he was so nice and professional. The service was quick and surprisingly affordable. I had my car back in 2 days and the bumper looked perfect.



After replacing the stock seat on my motorcycle, my rear fender had REALLY DEEP SCRATCHES from where the old seat rested. My dealership told me that it would take roughly a week and a half and cost an arm and a leg to fix. After searching around, i was recommended to VIP Collision by a friend who gave the shop a glowing first hand review. I called ahead and gave them a description of what i needed done to the bike. Here’s the thing, my bike comes in a PUNK ASS color that a lot of shops could NOT color match at a reasonable price compared to the dealer’s INSANE demand. I spoke with Steve from VIP and not only did he give me an AWESOME PRICE, he said it could be done in LESS THAN HALF THE TIME the dealership said. Dropped off the bike earlier this week and it was ready by the time he promised! EFFIN-A!!! COLOR MATCHED. DENIM BLACK. SCRATCHES GONE!! Steve was very helpful and kept in contact with updates to my bikes repair.



I work at an automotive repair shop, and VIP Collision is the only place we refer people for body work. We know that they are trustworthy and honest. They can get the job done, and take care of the customer. We get great feedback about them. They do beautiful work.





We have three decades of auto body repair experience with state-of-the-art collision repair technology


To be the premier auto body and glass company in America by repairing damaged vehicles. Right the First Time, On Time,®providing an exceptional customer experience.


When you call VIP Collisions hotline, representatives can arrange towing service for your vehicle and a ride home for you.


Our 24-hour customer service hotline is staffed with professional service representatives to assist you.

VIP Collision – Full Service Body Shop

Address: 323 Sunpac Ct, Henderson, NV 89011
Phone: 702 788 1394
Fax: 702 360 8401



Monday to Friday: 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday: Closed