How to take-care of your car in Winter Season

There has been always been issues with the motor cars when the winter season is on. The temperature of the atmosphere comes down and on the other hand, the car also starts sneezing in its own way. In this write up, you will find very important points to be taken down to save your car from repairs during the winter season.

Battery Maintenance

During the time of winter season, Battery often becomes “Dead” (which means ineffective) and does not perform well. So it is very important to maintain and make a regular check over your battery for the proper functioning of it. It is said by experts that the functioning of battery is half efficient as it is in summer season. So better keep a regular record of the battery.

Freezy Tires

The tires got snowy and get the cold being caught in the wheels if kept idle for some time. So better keep running more or less the car so as to keep it away from such situation. During the winter season, it is recommended to change the tires regularly to maintain the tire pressure.

Regular Oiling

It is often said that the winter season consumes more oil than in the other season. The reason for this is more pressure is applied to engine while in winter. So regular inserting of oil into your engine would be a better idea to keep it away from services. To keep it heating, engine consumes oil which is more required in winter season.

Clearing Windows / Windshield

It is often heard from the drivers that while driving the car in the winter, the windshields or the windows get caught by fog and impact the driving stability of the driver. So always keep your windows clean and wipers in proper working condition to save from accidents.

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