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Meeting an auto accident can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience, especially when you do not have any idea of what you will do. Good thing, VIP Collision North Las Vegas Auto Body Shop is always ready to help you out. We have served for being the premier center within the area since the time we have opened our shop. At our shop, we are backed by our professional and skilled technicians and mechanics that are completely certified along with the shop that features the high-tech facility that has been designed basically to help our customers make the most of their stay in our center.

We guarantee effective services by having our center fully equipped with the most updated high quality repair and diagnostic equipment. The ideal blend of our expert team and our applied equipment has made up the leading Auto Body Shop in North Las Vegas today. We can help you by dealing with all forms of collision repairs.

Quality Collision Repairs and Services in North Las Vegas

Reliable North Las Vegas Auto Body Shop

VIP Collision is the number one body shop you can trust. Hence, if you need to do some repairs in North Las Vegas, you can always depend on us when it comes to excellent work. Our team of expert technicians will help you perform repairs on dents and execute significant body work. We are backed by our professionally trained technicians who can also provide your vehicle some new coats of paint. At VIP Collision, we are providing a lifetime warranty that is available on each structural repair while working with all the major insurance companies in North Las Vegas and all other places.

We will guarantee to restore the beauty and safety of your car as fast as we could without having to sacrifice on our work’s quality. Since we opened our doors to customers, we have served more or less a million vehicles from different places.

Why Choose Us

When you bring your car to VIP Collision, we get to the issues at hand right away.

VIP Collision has been recognized as the top-rated local auto body repair center for quite some time now. We are known for delivering only honest and quality auto body repairs to our Las Vegas customers. Every one of us became a customer for this service at first. That is why we understand just how frustrating it is to find an auto body repair center in any place. Fortunately, we’ve got that aspect covered leaving you with nothing to worry or feel frustrated about when you are in need of a one-stop auto body shop in the area.

More than our superior quality workmanship, we also give you the benefit of a lifetime guarantee on labor. If there is one thing that defines us, it is that we always deliver a repair service that would not disappoint you!|

Therefore, if you are searching for easy, affordable, and reliable repairs for your car, never hesitate to check out our shop. Our professional team offers you punctuality and professionalism. We are always available from Monday to Saturday to offer you convenient service that you require. We will provide you the highest quality of services for affordable prices that should motivate you for choosing us!