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Rim Repair | Henderson, Las Vegas NV

Some car parts endure a lot of wear and tear like the windshield, bumper, side mirrors, hood and wheel rims. The rims, in particular, encounter a lot every day and even get scratched or scraped sometimes. Keeping your car looking good is necessary and this means getting auto body repairs when needed. Rim repair is just one of the auto body repairs you may need. When that time comes, we are here to give the assistance necessary to restore your wheel rim’s function and aesthetic appeal.

Whether your rims have unattractive finish failure or contact damage, are bent and have to be straightened or you just want to enhance its look, VIP Collision will fix and refinish cracked, damaged and bent rims for half the cost of a new rim!

A car’s wheel rims usually get damaged from accidents, taking corners and parking curbs. Many people don’t realize that wheel rims can be fixed if they’re scraped or scratched or need straightening. The process is actually simple and if you have someone by your side to do it for you, things will be much easier.

Everyone can hit potholes, but if you do hit one with so much force, your tires may be ruined or the rim may be cracked or bent. Vibrations in the steering wheel may be felt or the wheel may not able to hold air properly. Replacing tires may be easy and you can buy a new one without breaking the bank, but it’s a completely different case when it comes to rims. Buying another set of rims can be expensive, but you don’t have to worry! Rim repair is a cost-efficient alternative to this problem. Hopelessly bent rims can be restored to their original factory like condition and even cracked rims can be welded back together!

Before performing our service, we make sure to inspect your car first. Our estimates are given for free, so you know what you to expect even before the service is done. You’ll also know how long it will take to fix your car so that you can prepare and make the necessary arrangements. Most wheel rim repairs can be finished fast.

How We Do Things

We begin the process by inspecting the rims. If there are cracks or bends, these are straightened before any other work is done to them. Repairs are completed without using heat to avoid comprising the composition or temper of the alloy wheel rim. Wheel rims with scratches or scrapes are cleaned and sandblasted. If there are missing pieces, we weld them in. The wheel rims are then applied with a high quality primer. Their color is also matched with the other rims. To harden the coating and protect the rim from future damage, they’re subjected to a shortwave light.

Rim repair is a cheaper choice compared to purchasing new rims. The process can also be completed in a fraction of time. Trust VIP Collision to fix your vehicle and get you back on the road fast and at a price you can afford!