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Headlight Restoration

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Once you understand what causes the headlights of car to discolor and get oxidized then you will have an idea about some things on how to avoid or prolong the thing to happen. Before, headlights are made up of glass and there is no problem of getting oxidized and yellowish headlights because of its structure. However, today, since most headlights are now made from polycarbonate plastic, which is porous, this only means that they are prone to discoloration.

Reasons for Dull and Discolored Headlights

The main factors that contribute to getting discolored or hazy dull headlights are acid rain, UV rays of the sun as well as road debris. This obviously cannot be prevented since the headlights are placed in front of your vehicle, making them subjected to small pebbles and sand kicked up by air or other vehicles alongside you. These pebbles are usually a mixture of oil and other elements from the road makes little pits on the headlights. When these dirt and oil settle and get rained on and burned from the UV rays of the sun over time, this slowly consumes your clear headlights. It will keep on deteriorating the outer layer of your headlights until they are no longer crystal clear to see.

Do not Compromise your Safety

Do not ever compromise your safety with unclear and cloudy headlights. At one point, you can really compromise your safety while driving at night. While night driving, you will be left wondering whether your headlights are off or on. When you have cloudy headlights, this reduces light projection for as much as 70 percent or more. This can create danger not only for you but as well as for other motorists. Additionally, cloudy headlights create an impression that your car is ugly and make it look older.

Therefore, once you notice that your headlights are already giving you a hard time projecting crystal clear lights then you must consider restoring or replacing it.

Restore your Headlights Now!

Restoring is far cheaper than replacing your entire headlights. This is the most economical and recommended option to restore the lenses of your headlights. VIP Collision provides top quality and professional headlight restoration services to any cars. We have skilled and fully experienced specialists who can restore your headlights back to their quality from day one. A lot have already said their token of appreciation and thank you for the amazing work we did for their cars.

One of the things that we ensure to provide from our headlight restoration services is the consumption of clear coat UV protectant. This is the most significant part of the restoration. We never use waxes for replacement of UV protectant because their quality is not good, let alone they are never recommended to be used in headlights restoration. However, there are certainly a lot of fraud headlight restaurant services who use waxes since they are very much cheap in price. Be sure to never trust people who offer you such very cheaply priced headlight restoration, because for sure, their quality of work lacks quality and professionalism.

At VIP Collision, our restoration will aesthetically make your car much appealing, thereby, adding value to your car. Additionally, since we offer good price for our service, a lot trust and depend on us in regard to their cars!

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