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A vehicle is always a priced possession. Yet, it’s not immune to situations where it gets damaged and loses the   shape because of a collision. When your vehicle is in trouble, it’s important to find the right solutions to resurrect the vehicle to its original form. It requires not only the equipment and manpower, but also a wealth of experience as well as a steady attitude towards the task, that’s guided by sheer attention and confidence. VIP Collision LV presents just the solutions, that are packed with all of the above, which guarantees the best collision repair services, to bring your vehicle back to life.


Located in the heart of Las Vegas-Nevada, VIP Collision provides a wide range of auto body repair as well as collision services around the clock. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, with the top of the class equipment to deliver the best services available in the industry. The service starts from the point of the unfortunate incident, when you contact your insurance service provider and then fix an appointment with VIP Collision. The professionals at VIP Collision LV will then write you an estimation, and would arrange you a rental car till you get your own vehicle fixed. With the identification of all the damage, and with the due approval from the insurance and the customer company, the vehicle restoration process will begin and will deliver you the vehicle on time.


The auto body shop offers genuine auto body repairs for a reasonable charge. VIP Collision LV even undertakes auto body paint, auto glass repair and custom auto body solutions. It’s perfectly capable of offering the full package from rim repairs to collision repairs. The company testifies on its wealth of experience, having catered to a plethora of needs from an abundant number of customers for three decades. The challenging requests and demands always mean additional experience for the entity.


However, with an abundant number of collision repair services, one may often wonder what sets the best apart from the average. VIP Collision LV has centered its service towards the freedom the customer has to choose where he can spend his money, without the influence of an insurance company. The idea is to make sure that the consumer- the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the money having the authority to know what he wants to do with all that. Afterall, there’s a reason why the company is called VIP Collision. The VIP stands for customers as per the treatment they get. Their website would guide you through your collision repair and auto body repair smoothly, with their expertise and sincerity.



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